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Time is near where geniuses can be immortal…..persons intelligence will remain in world even after ones death.  Yes, this sounds impossible but Blue Brain Technology can make it possible. Our brain is most precious gift of god which makes us different from other creatures and so humans are called intelligent but once our wisdom is lost we are helpless. Blue Brain is the name of first virtual brain project with an initiative to create a machine with capabilities of human brain. This mean to create a machine which can think, take analytical decisions, response and can keep memory also. The Blue Brain project is an attempt to reconstruct mammalian brain under computer simulation by reverse engineering natural brain complexity.  This project was founded in May 2005 by Henry Markram at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, aiming to gain a complete understanding of the Human brain leading to better and faster development of brain disease treatments.

The research involves detailed study of structure & functioning of sliced human brain tissues. The data collected from the natural neurons is then used to create realistic models of neuron circuit found in cerebral  cortex which is then simulated on Blue Gene a super computer created by IBM. Creating virtual brain involves mainly three steps (a) Data acquisition, (b) Simulation, (c) Result Visualization. Data acquisition involves studying slices from natural brain and deriving information of individual neurons.  Observations based on morphology, behaviours, electro -physical signal, position etc. is converted into mathematical algorithms and then these mathematical algorithms are used to construct bio-realistic module. Using their algorithms simulation is done with the help of package of software called NEURON.

Now when working of Blue Brain has been understood the most important question is how human brain will be uploaded. The uploading can be done with the help of Nano robots called NANOBOTS. These Nanobots are small enough to travel in or circulatory system thus travelling into brain and spine can monitor activity of our CNS (Central Nervous system). They act as an interface between natural brain and computers and so help to upload data from brain into computers.

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