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AT RBI we create a partnership based on shared vision, values, knowledge, and expertise. This sharing adds value for each partner and paves the way to developing breakthrough scientific innovations providing a solution to unmet research needs. Our goal is to provide the perfect solution with every partner with whom we work.


Reddot Biotech Inc. leading Manufurere of elisa Kits, reagents and related products for pharmaceutical, laboratory, medical and scientific research use.


United States Biological is a primary brand for the Life Science Industry. We are committed to reducing the cost of research with value, integrity and a truly personal buying experience.


Elabscience Biotechnology, Inc specializes in immunodiagnostic technology for the life science community. Elabscience products cover proteins, antibodies, ELlSA kits, CLIA kits, labeling kits, biochemical kits and other reagents.


ProSpec (Protein-Specialists) is specialized in production of highly purified bacterial-derived proteins to serve the research community with rec. proteins for cancer, apoptosis,development, endocrinology, immunology, neuroscience, proteases, and stem cell research.

Membrane Solutions

Membrane Solutions is a rising, creative and worldwide supplier that specializes in a variety of products and solutions in the process of filtration, separation, purification, water & wastewater treatment.


Haier Biomedical

Qingdao Haier Biomedical Co., Ltd. designs, manufacture, and markets low temperature storage equipment for biomedical samples. The Company provides complete storage solutions for biological sample banks, blood safety, vaccine safety, medical supplies, and reagent safety as well.


OHAUS has grown from a small scale repair business to an undisputed global leader in the weighing industry. Watch our video to see OHAUS at work today.


We are Gilson, a third generation family-owned company developing liquid handling, purification, and extraction solutions with a focus on helping the life scientist at the bench achieve more productive

SICGEN antibodies

Research and Development in Biotechnology Ltd, Portugal is a biotechnology company specializing in developing and production of antibodies for research in life sciences.


Dimanco dipslides enables customers to detect a hygiene problem at an early stage, still allowing the customer to take corrective actions during initial stages. Which is saving time and money.


3Helix is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.3Helix has developed a series of proprietary collagen hybridizing peptides that directly target the damaged collagen molecule.

ABP Biosciences, LLC

ABP Biosciences, USA – a spin-off company from Molecular Probes – develops innovative products for life science research, diagnostics, and drug discovery. They are specialized in fluorescence labeling


Innovative, proprietary methods to screen and develop new high-affinity capture reagents for research, diagnostic and therapeutic use and anti-angiogenesis related therapies.

ELK Biotechnology CO.,Ltd.

ELK Biotechnology CO.,LTD is a high-tech biological enterprise, specialising in the introduction, research and development of immunology-related products, including ELISA kits, primary and secondary antibodies, and molecular biology kits.


Shanghai Korain Biotech Co. was built in 2010. As an creator in reagents and tools for life science, Korainbio provide researchers with tools and scientific support including 8000 antibodies, 10,000 ELISA kits 

Leading biology inc

Leading Biology Inc. is an innovative high-tech company which produces bio-products for a wide range of research and medical fields.


Cell, Science & Nature Inhibitors/Agonists & Natural Products PROTACs & Screening Libraries CSNpharm is committed to providing you with high quality products and outstanding services.


Qayee bio-technology created high quality ELISA kits provide a variety of specie,human,rat,mouse,rabbit,cow,dog,monkey,chicken,vegetable, etc. 


Wuxi Donglin Sci & Tech Development Co., Ltd., is a Manufacture of biological reagents, ELISA kits, Antibody for life science.

Biomatik Corporation

Biomatik has been proudly serving the life sciences and drug discovery community since 2002.

Biomatik Offered Products: 29,000+ ELISA Kits, 25,000+ Antibodies, 17,000+ Proteins, 280+ Biochemicals & Enzymes.

Offered Services:  Gene Synthesis, Peptide Synthesis, Protein Expression & Purification, Antibody Production, and Antibody Sequencing Services.

Geneall Korea

GeneAll Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company specializing in the field of molecular biology
and life science. Geneall dedicated to providing the most suitable biotechnology products for the best research achievement since 1999.

Arcis Biotechnology

This is a research and development led company with expertise in the development of a wide range of fast sample preparation technologies. We are based at Sci-tech Daresbury, UK, where we have fully 


arigo is a global provider of Smart Solutions (Antibody Duos / Panels and ELISA Kits) allowing researchers to accelerate experiments with convincing results.


Geneaid Founded in Taiwan in 2002, Geneaid is a professional manufacturer and provider of nucleic acid purification kits, and innovative products including animal, plant, microbe, viral genetic DNA/RNA purification kit.

Through the years, Geneaid has expanded its product offering to include Magbead extraction kit, high-throughput DNA and PCR purification products, DNA sequencing reaction cleanup kit.


NSJ Bioreagents

NSJ Bio provides the life science community a source of both classic, widely-used monoclonal antibodies and leading-edge, new-to-the-market, mono- and polyclonal antibodies in all areas of research including Cancer, Tumour Biomarkers, Apoptosis, Immunology, Cell Biology, Transcription Factors, and Epigenetic.



Genorise offers quality reagents with affordable prices. These reagents cover ELISA kits,
fluorescence immunoassay kits, DNA/RNA kits, antibodies, recombinant proteins,bioconjugates.


LC Laboratories is a leading manufacturer of laboratory reagents used to study signal transduction processes.


FineTest is a professional research reagent manufacturer offering about 7,000 types of Elisa kits and 10,000 types of Antibodies with stable product quality as well  available publications.

Gyrozen Korea

 Gyrozen is a life science company that develops centrifuges and other instruments for academic and commercial research laboratories, as well as medical settings around the world. With focus on quality and innovation, its products are proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled all under one facility located in Gimpo, South Korea, providing consistent results with flexible customization that exceeds the most demanding requests by leading scientists worldwide.


we manufacture and sell advanced chemicals for life science research, and diagnostics. Our catalog includes fluorescent dyes, phosphoramidites for oligonucleotide synthesis, 

Biontex Laboratories GmbH

Biontex operations focus on transfection, a field covering the introduction of genetic material (transfection) and proteins (proteofection) into eukaryotic cells.


Anogen is the trade name of Yes Biotech Laboratories Ltd., Anogen broad technology platform design and develop a variety of products including monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, immunoassay kits, matched antibody pairs, immunoglobulin, bioactive peptides, recombinant proteins, and humanized monoclonal antibodies with high producers.

Coyote Bioscience USA Inc.

Coyote Bio provides innovative personal devices for Life Science and Molecular Diagnostics. Coyote’s devices have portable features for field applications with 12V DC power or batteries. They minimize all the redundant features and make the key functions more powerful and user-friendly. Coyote’s devices are easy to handle and set, thereby saving labor costs significantly.


Renwik Bioinnovations (RBI) Private Limited started by experienced young Biotechnologist to promote scientific culture in the field of biotechnology in India. 

It is our endeavor to Manufacturing of ingenious Instruments and tie-up with world’s leading suppliers who offer quality products with the aim of complete customer satisfaction.


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