Good View Nucleic Acid Stain Safe Dye

GoodView Nucleic Acid Stain (1 ml)

GoodView™ is a safer nucleic acid stain, an alternative to the traditional ethidium bromide (EB) stain for detecting nucleic acid in agarose gels. It emits green fluorescence when bound to DNA or RNA. This new stain has two fluorescence excitation maxima when bound to nucleic acid, one centered at 268 nm and another at 294 nm. In addition, it has one visible excitation at 491 nm. The Fluorescence emission of GoodView bound to DNA is centered at 530 nm.


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Good View Nucleic Acid Stain Safe Dye

Short Description

Cat. No.: RBHGV-2 Size: 1ml 

Comparative sensitivity test of GV and EB

  1. Sensitivity test of GoodView Nucleic Acid Stain
    • Template:5~70 ng λDNA(λDNA diluted to different concentrations)
    • GoodView:add 5 μl GoodView to 100 ml 1% agarose gel solution.
  2. Sensitivity test of EB
    • Template:5~70 ng λDNA(λDNA diluted to different concentrations)
    • EB:add 5 μl EB (10 mg/ml) to 100 ml 1% agarose gel solution, to make the final concentration to 0.5 ng/μl.

The result of electrophoresis demonstrates GV is almost as sensitive as EB.


  1. When comparing Fig.1 and Fig.2, it is clearly demonstrated that GoodView has a much better sensitivity than product A.
  2. The difference between Fig.3 and Fig.4 illustrates that although product B has good sensitivity and low background, it has a shortage: apparently the ladder cannot be distinctively separated.

The Test Report from Environmental Health and Related Product Safety of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention concludes that:

  • Acute Oral Toxicity Test: GoodView Nucleic Acid Stain belongs to nontoxic.
  • Mouse Marrow Chromophilous Erythrocyte Micronucleus Test: Negative. There is no significant difference in the incidence of micronuclei between test and control groups.
  • Ames Test: Negative. No mutagenicity was observed.
  • In Vitro Mammalian Cell Chromosome Aberration Test: Negative. No increasing aberration rate was observed.

GoodView™ Nucleic Acid Stain is included in New Products, Science Magazine, January 11, 2019. Please visit:

Note: All product outward appearance, the size color take the material object as the picture only supply the reference.

Only for research and not intended for the treatment of humans or animals


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