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Short Description

Model No: IMS-70 

Performance Characteristic of snowflake ice making machine:
1) High-quality stainless steel casing, anti-corrosion and durable, independent integral structure, compact and simple, space-saving.
2) The heat insulation layer is a fluorine-free polyurethane foam, which has a good insulation effect, the liner is fluorine-free antibacterial type, energy-saving
and environmental protection.
3) high quality and efficient R134a fluorine-free compressor is used, all parts are detected by SGS company, in line with the EU RoHS environmental
directive requirements.
4) All electrical safety components have “TUV” or “VDE” safety certificates, the certified parts are safe and reliable, the products have passed the “CE”
safety certification by German TUV company.
5) The ice-making process is controlled by a computer program, the imported Samsung computer chip is used, with reliable control and stable operation.
6) The only domestic manufacturer using Italy Haitec two-stage reducer and ZD motor, with low noise, stable and reliable operation. At the top of the
ice making machine, heat dissipation holes, and fan are provided to ensure the reducer motor can operate reliably under harsh conditions and high
7) The only domestic using pure copper ice-making evaporator, 304 stainless steel blade, patented cavity diaphragm ice making evaporator, with high
refrigeration efficiency and large ice-making capacity.
8) The sprial hob extrusion type ice-making type has a compact structure, which realizes the automatic separation of ice and water. The optimization design of
the skate blade makes the ice shape small and practical.
9) The unique water tank floating ball type water inlet system ensures that there is no residual water, no ice removal process, no water loss, no residual
water, water-saving, and energy saving.
10) It has an ice full display, lock of water display, overcooling protection display, fault warning display, and other protective stop function. The ice-making
the machine will automatically shut down when the ice is full and the water is short, and it will automatically boot when electricity and water are supplied, with
automatic memory recovery function.
11) The ice made is amorphous small granular snowfall ake crushed ice, which can penetrate into a narrow gap, the cooling speed is fast, and the ice bath
the effect is good, specially designed for the laboratory.
12) The front part is provided with a power switch and a function indicating lamp, the thorough and detailed operation instruction is convenient and intuitive
to use, all safety indexes have passed the electrical performance test, safe and rest assured.
13) The long-time ice-making performance testing and debugging before the delivery ensures superior product performance.




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